Dear Diary,

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

As a young girl, I kept a diary with Cabbage Patch Kids on the cover.  After a certain sibling found it, I moved to a pink, locked journal. To this day, I’m still not sure what happened to them and why I quit writing in them.

I’ve tried, many times, to start writing again.  I’ve doodled in a Daily Devotional, remarking on the deep religious thoughts of scripture.  After several months, I put it in a drawer and never went back.  I have three different journals sitting on my desk – one for dreams that never make it there after waking, one for thoughts on the go (they never go-go to the pages though-though), and one I picked up because I like the cover art, but I’ve never written in it.

How blasphemous, if you ask me.

What kind of a writer am I if I don’t event take the…

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Our two teenage worlds…

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

Melissa and I went to high school together.  She was a year older than me and hung out with a much different group than me.  We passed each other daily for several years, acknowledging one another, but never really got to know one another.

Flash forward nearly 20 years.  We connect on Facebook and somehow build a friendship that I wished we’d had in high school.  Melissa is absolutely amazing!!  She has been through some rough things in her lifetime and has a totally different political stance.  Somehow, we blend and get along.  She makes me laugh and shows me how beautiful life truly is.

This amazing woman stumbled into my alter ego life – my writing life and spent time reading my manuscript early this morning.  Her feedback melted my heart and made me realize SHE is the reason I write…


This is what I am looking for…

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Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I spent the evening with my parents, celebrating my sons 18th birthday and watching the Bronco game.  Of course, talk turned to San Miguel – where I am going, what it looks like, me staying safe…

They kindly contributed to my campaign… and added some additional “perks” of their own…

  • I spent the evening digging through old photographs that my Papa had stored away.  Looking through them, I felt a sort of resurgence build in writing. It hit an emotional peak when I found something that I had not expected to see…a picture of my Great Grandmother standing with Luz, Francisca, and Margarita.  I also found a photo of Lucas.  Faces to the names and experiences outlined in my writing… in Grandma Cita’s journal.  They went from my imagination to reality and my heart jumped as they came into existence.
  • Papa told me that he and Aunt Sally still have…

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Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

My first SWP workshop was with her.  I will never forget how she smiled brightly and introduced herself to the group…

My name is Mairead.  Pronounced like Parade, but with an M.

My fondness for her grew after listening to her read from her manuscript.  So natural.  So open. So conversational.  Like sitting with an old friend, lying beneath a favorite blanket, or sitting in a park on a beautiful day.

She is light to my soul and I’m not sure how she slipped in there.  She’s miles away, but her warmth is still felt here.

Mairead kindly contributed to my campaign today, and I felt honored.  Perhaps I’ve left a bit of myself with her too.


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Random act

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I am truly blown away by the kindness of strangers. Until now, my campaign has been funded by individuals I know – family, coworkers, high school friends. Tonight, a complete stranger decided to take a chance on me. Yvette Valentine kindly contributed to my campaign. It left me at a loss for words. It left me feeling energized. It inspired me to help someone that I don’t know. The power of giving…

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Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

In another life, I am an Early Childhood Professional.  I obtained my degree in 1998 and eventually went into business for myself.  I ran two centers, caring for a total of 236 children ages 6 weeks to 16 years.  I closed those businesses and said goodbye to that life in October of 2012.

Last year, while trying to find an adjunct position, I worked as an Infant Nursery Supervisor (INS) for Little Loves Learning Center.  When I left to teach at CCA, I thought I’d never see them again.

I was wrong…

This week, I began working as an Early Childhood Consultant for them.  I help to ensure they pass their annual inspection.

One of the owners, Brianna Ritter, kindly contributed to my campaign this evening!  Thank you Bri for being so big hearted and generous!!!  My other life, my other alter ego, is feeling truly blessed!

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I look like a felon and the USPS is ridiculous

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I didn’t pay for it,
they did.
Springing for Priority Mail – 2 Day to be exact –
sending it out on 1/13.
SHE said It should already be there…
There was genuine concern in her voice.
They even added
$100 insurance. How kind. How unexpected.
I received my passport card today and panicked.
I don’t remember ordering it but I did and it’s here and my passport isn’t and it should have been here two days ago but it isn’t and I can’t use the card because it’s for ground or see travel and that’s not how I’m traveling.

I just want my passport.
But why was it sent on 1/13 and received in Denver on 1/15 then sent to Kittridge where it sat until today. Today, it was sent back to Denver and that’s where it sits until my inside voice becomes my outside voice on the end…

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Avoiding Discovery

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I’ve been asked several times if I have worked on the manuscript and created something new.  Each time, the answer is no.  That no is clouded with guilt, and perhaps some confusion and fear.

Recently, I’ve blamed it on trying to prep syllabi, lectures, handouts, and course schedules for the eight (yes I said *8*) college composition courses I start teaching on the 21st.  Once those are done, then I know I will defer to the preparation needed for my pitch sessions in San Miguel.

What happens when those are gone and it is just me, the airport, long flights, and time to write at the conference?  Perhaps I will blame it on the preparation I need for my Valentine’s day reading. After all, 10 minutes in front of a huge crowd requires careful planning, but 10 minutes as the poetry writing winner requires perfection.

Sadly, when that’s done, I’m…

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