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Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I’m still in conference mode, not writing mode. Several weeks of sitting and listening to workshops and lectures and panels and readings has inspired to contemplate my own manuscript.  However, that inspiration lives in my head – I’m holed up in my cranium and not putting things on paper.

I spend my days teaching beginning composition to community college students. I talk about:

  • Procrastination – don’t do it because it isn’t a good habit to get into and it makes Professor Newlon and unhappy instructor.
  • Process vs. Content – I’ve retarget my students how to write with fastwriting prompts and turning off the internal critic.

Sadly, I can’t seem to even follow my own lectures!  Rather than writing this morning, I’m checking things out on the internet, writing this post, and considering how long it will take me to shave my dog.  I’m overthinking my manuscript and have not jumped into…

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