Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I was upset that I could not do more posting to the blog while in San Miguel. Internet issues plagued me, so I had to wait until I returned to the states.

I am happy to say that my final pitch session was great – she wants to read the first 3 chapters of my book!  We spent nearly five hours together my final day in San Miguel and I am truly excited if she does in fact become my agent.


In the meantime, I’m reflecting on the cultural experiences of my trip and truly thankful that each workshop I attended managed to break down walls blocking my writing.  Excited for what is to come!

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Day 2

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

I found myself giggling this morning – as I walked to breakfast this morning in a light pair of pants, spring shirt, flip flops, and hoodie, many of the locals were wearing winter gear.  Scarves, heavy jackets and even gloves.  It is 43 degrees and they are wearing what I wear when the wind is howling and snow is falling…

Today I read from my manuscript, headlining an open mic session.  This should be interesting as the average age of most attendees is 55-60 years of age.  I do hope they appreciate my work.  I’m not nervous yet – the anxiety of reading that I normally experience hasn’t set in yet so I am hopeful that this is a positive sign of my growing confidence.

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Day One

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

Internet has been unreliable at the house, so I have to wait until I am at the hotel to post.

I took in everything this morning as I walked to breakfast – children giggling and running to the school just blocks from where I am staying… the sweet smells of cinnamon and baking bread… the pleasant greetings of those I pass on the road.

I spent the evening working on my pitch, taking into consideration the suggestions for revision made by my loving husband Mike and my gracious host Franny.  Today, I present my manuscript in the hopes of finding someone willing to take me on, willing to represent me during this journey toward publication.  I pray I am met with positive answers, but have prepared for the evil rejection often found in this industry.  I’ve silently prayed for God to give me the strength to make it through and…

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I am here…

Nothing Is Ever Done When Someone Dies In Mexico

The flights to San Miguel were typical – one too darn hot and cramped, a three-year-old sitting behind my seat, kicking and jamming her toes in my lower back while her mother drank.  The other flight (yes I took two) was freezing cold and much smaller, but I was blessed enough to have my own seat – no cramping.  However, the woman behind me, who was of very large stature, kept tugging and pulling on my seat each time she moved around.

I found myself starstruck on the second plane as Yann Martel boarded with his family and nearly fell on top of me getting to his seat.  It was in that moment that I realized I was riding with a plane full of writers – an airborn writing community.

Customs was a breeze.  Riding the shuttle to Franny’s house wasn’t!!!!  The roads are in poor condition and many of…

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