One year and what have I done…

Received an automated well-wishing from the computerized unseen beings at WordPress on my one year anniversary.  Sadly, I feel like I have done very little over the past year with my page.  Yes, I maintained dedication and composure during my month of poetry….but once that obligation, that deadline disappears, so do I.

I’ve not touched my manuscript…it feels so far away, like I dreamed it.  What’s worse, I’m now a statistic – I maintain two part time jobs to support my family while my loving husband tries diligently to find work.  I care for young children three part days per week and then educate adults at the local community college all other times in between.  I took the teaching job thinking writing time would become part of my daily routine.  Instead, I ignore it.  I plan and grade and lecture and consult but never find times to make my words on the page.

I have to do something soon or I’m afraid it will die on my laptop or in a folder someplace, stashed away in my desk.